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Moneytech Velocity earn rate

Boost your business and your business' Points balance

As a Virgin Australia Business Flyer, when you settle a facility with Moneytech you could earn up to 200,000 Velocity Points for your business.^

Plus for ongoing line of credit your business will earn:

1 Velocity Point for every $20 drawn^

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Ready to earn up to 200,000 Velocity Points for your business?^

  • Apply for Moneytech trade finance, debtor finance or term loan and/or equipment finance or line of credit 
  • Add your Virgin Australia Business Flyer account number (which is your ABN), when prompted
  • Forgot to add your membership number or applied via a broker? No worries, you can add your membership number to your account via the Moneytech website
  • Velocity Points for your business will be allocated 30 days upon relevent earn activity

Bring on rewards with Virgin Australia Business Flyer

Let us reward your business for investing in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

^Moneytech Partner Terms & Conditions

Settle a finance facility with Moneytech and Virgin Australia Business Flyer members can earn Velocity Points:

1.       Trade finance, debtor finance or term loan and/or equipment finance:​

  • $500,001+ = 200,000 Points​
  • $250,001-$500,000 = 100,000 Points​
  • Less than $250,000 = 10,000 Points​

2.       Line of credit (LOC): 10,000 Points per LOC​.

3.       Ongoing Line of Credit: 1 Point for every $20 drawn​.

Fractions of Velocity Points will not be allocated. For ongoing lines of credit, the total Points awarded is calculated by applying the Points earn rate to the number of $20 increments you have drawn, with increments of less than $20 rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example, a draw of $22.50 would earn 20 Velocity Points (1 x $20 increment, with the additional $2.50 is carried forward until the next $20 increment is reached (if any).

Velocity Points will be awarded to the nominated Virgin Australia Business Flyer account, which is linked to the relevant Moneytech account at the time of the relevant earn activity. Velocity Points will be allocated to the member’s account within 30 business days of completing the relevant earn activity, unless otherwise stated in connection with a specific campaign. Velocity Points are not exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.

To earn Velocity Points, you must be a current Virgin Australia Business Flyer member. Membership and Velocity Points earn is subject to the Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Velocity membership Terms and Conditions, and any changes to the Member benefits and features, including Points earn with Moneytech, will be governed by those Terms and Conditions. Velocity collects and handles your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy, and Virgin Australia Business Flyer collects and handles your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Moneytech trade finance facilities are provided by Moneytech Finance Pty Ltd ABN 77 106 249 852  Australian Financial Services Licence number 421414. Moneytech products are subject to the Moneytech Terms and Conditions (as applicable). Moneytech collects and handles your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Moneytech Finance Pty Ltd is not responsible for the redemption of Velocity Points - please contact Velocity regarding any queries relating to the redemption of Velocity Points.   

If you link your Virgin Australia Business Flyer membership to your Moneytech account, Moneytech will share some of your personal information with Virgin Australia Business Flyer. Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Moneytech may use your personal information for purposes related to your linked accounts, including to: (a) confirm that you are a Virgin Australia Business Flyer member, (b) link your accounts, and (c) allow you to access details about your Virgin Australia Business Flyer account, such as your membership number, from within your Moneytech application.

You can de-link or manage your linked accounts at any time through your profile in your Moneytech account settings.

The credit services material has been prepared by the relevant credit licensee as indicated above and not Velocity Frequent Flyer Pty Ltd (VFF) or Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd (VA). VFF and VA do not hold an Australian Credit Licence and are not the licensee in relation to the credit activity being engaged in by the relevant credit licensee/credit representative.

*Join Virgin Australia Business Flyer:

Eligibility to join Virgin Australia Business Flyer: Virgin Australia Business Flyer membership is available to businesses with an active ABN/ACN, an Australian business address and spend of less than $300,000 per annum on flights with Virgin Australia. Superannuation funds, travel agents, travel management companies, travel wholesalers, air travel consolidators and any businesses re-selling air travel are not eligible to join. For more information please see the Virgin Australia Business Flyer Terms and Conditions.

1.       Earning Points with Virgin Australia Business Flyer

Virgin Australia Business Flyer Members can earn up to 1,000,000 Points from Virgin Australia, airline partners and Virgin Australia codeshare flights only, per annum, based on the rolling 12 month period from when the Member joins Virgin Australia Business Flyer. Points aren’t earned on certain fees, taxes, or charges. Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Loyalty Terms and Conditions and Velocity membership Terms and Conditions apply. 

2.       Fare Advantage Discounts

The Fare Advantage discount of 4% applies to Flex fares and 6% applies to Business Class fares). The availability of Fare Advantage Discounts is limited and does not apply to all fare classes. The Fare Advantage Discount levels applicable are the discount levels published on our website at the time a booking is made and are subject to change.  Fare Advantage Discounts can only be booked through the Booking Portal, our Guest Contact Centre, or the TMC. Fare Advantage Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Fare Advantage discounts do not apply to any Bookings made via the Virgin Australia conference and group travel area and cannot be combined with any other Unpublished Fares and Promotional Fares.  Fare Advantage Discounts are not available through the Virgin Australia public website and may not be available through all TMCs or corporate travel agents. If your TMC is not registered to process Fare Advantage Discounts, please instruct your TMC to contact us.  Published Fare Advantage Discount levels may change without notice. Please check our website for current discount levels.  Fare Advantage Discount do not apply to bookings for children and infants. Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Loyalty Terms and Conditions  apply.

3.       Discounted Lounge Membership 

Discount is compared to the usual annual fee of $399. Discounted Virgin Australia Lounge Memberships are available for Key Contact, Account Administrators, Travel Bookers and Travellers and are subject to the Virgin Australia Business Flyer and Loyalty Terms and Conditions. Use of the Lounge is subject to the Virgin Australia Lounge Terms and Conditions and Virgin Australia Lounge rules. Virgin Australia Lounge entry is subject to space availability.

4.       Points Transfer

Virgin Australia Business Flyer Account Administrators can transfer Points earned by the Virgin Australia Business Flyer member to a Velocity Frequent Flyer member, provided that (a) there is a minimum of 3,000 Points per transfer; and (b) the Velocity Frequent Flyer member transferee is directly employed or contracted by the Virgin Australia Business Flyer member. 

5.       How to redeem Points with the Virgin Australia Business Flyer program

The Points required for a Business Class Upgrade or a Reward Seat will be based on the total miles for all sectors in a one-way journey, except where there is a break in the journey. Where there is a break in the journey, the Points required is calculated on a per sector basis. A break in the journey includes: (a) a stopover, which means: (i) in an Australian domestic itinerary, a break of journey at an intermediate point when onward travel does not take place on the same calendar day; and (ii) for all other itineraries, including those containing a domestic to international connecting flight, when a passenger arrives at an intermediate point and is not scheduled to depart within 24 hours of arrival; (b) a change in class of travel within the journey; or (c) a change in operating airline where the airlines are located in different Business Class or Reward Seat Points tables.  

6.       Pilot Gold

A new Virgin Australia Business Flyer member is eligible to receive two three-month Velocity Pilot Gold Memberships if, within the first three months of becoming a Virgin Australia Business Flyer member, it books and completes at least $2,000 of travel. For more information, please visit our website at Australia Business Flyer and Loyalty Terms and Conditions and Velocity membership Terms and Conditions apply.